Music Gone Public


II am very honored and proud to be an artist in the company of such extraordinary musicians as are represented in the PBS Series “Music Gone Public”. It has also been an inspiring journey working with the Series’ producers, Peter Berkow and Mike Hoopingarner. Both these gentlemen bring a concept of television viewing to the table with a series that connects exciting and unpredictable cutting edge undercurrents in contemporary music to audiences that are open to the magic of the uncommon and, perhaps, the unknown; such viewers make up the audiences of Public Television.

Journey through a lens and a sound that is familiar and brand new all over again with Music Gone Public; Curated Concerts for Public Television.

The Mission

Real artists, real songwriters, real musicians…
An alternative to the assembly line music machine
Curated by producer Peter Berkow
It’s Music Gone Public – the mission of public television

The Producers

Peter Berkow has curated dozens of concerts for PBS affiliate stations – legendary artists who you won’t see or hear on other television networks: Top of the genre performers in Blues, Jazz, Americana, Rockabilly, Worldbeat, Alternative Rock, and other styles that public television viewers craze. Berkow has presented PBS affiliate viewers with performances by musicians who have won a total of more than 15 Grammy awards as well as performances by two National Medal of Arts winners, among them: Bela Fleck. Dave Brubeck, Rodney Crowell, Sam Bush, Roy Rogers, Richard Thompson, Tommy Emmanuel, and many others.

Michael Hoopingarner has studied with, worked for and now co-produces with, Peter Berkow on many projects, including the current Music Gone Public Series. “Hoop” has a wonderfully intuitive sense with film projects, excelling in both the technical arena and the conceptual and creative arena.

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